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City of Hoyt Lakes 50th Anniversary

1955 - 2005


Forward (excerpt from the book)

The Hoyt Lakes 50th Anniversary Book Committee has worked with fellow citizens to complete this account of the activities in our community during the past 50 years. Our friends and neighbors have contributed articles - some written from memory, some from personal experience, and some from in-depth research. 

The committee sincerely hopes this book will trigger many happy memories for you of the last 50 years in Hoyt Lakes.


Dedication (excerpt from the book)

The heart of any community is its citizens. This is especially true of Hoyt Lakes. From the "mudders," who were the pioneers of our city, to the latest new-comers, the citizens of Hoyt Lakes have taken an active role in establishing our community. 

They withstood the hardships encountered in moving into a brand new community.  They built church communities and schools. They served on City Councils and commissions. Through volunteerism, they helped to build a golf course and successful recreation programs. They were active in organizations and gave freely of their time to serve as scout leaders, coaches and coordinators. Their support encouraged the construction of an arena, a new municipal building and a fine library. 

They came to work in the mine, to teach, to preach, to open new places of business, to raise their families, and to contribute to this city's outstanding quality of life. Because of them this city thrived for the last 50 years. Because of them, we can look forward to the next half-century and beyond. 

This book is dedicated to the citizens of Hoyt Lakes, for without them there would be no community to celebrate. 






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