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Fisherman's Point

Located on a wooded peninsula on Whitewater Lake less than two miles from Downtown Hoyt Lakes.


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Due to the threat of infestation by the Emerald Ash Borer, the City Council has instituted a ban on all outside firewood from the campground effective July 1, 2009.  No outside firewood will be allowed to enter the campground.  All firewood utilized at the campground must be purchased at the campground office.  The City Council regrets this decision but feels the necessity to take actions to delay the spread of this threat to our area with the hope that a cure can be discovered in the interim.  Lacking an effective treatment, the disease will eventually spread to our area and it is 100% fatal to affected trees.

We have many ash species trees in our area on both public and private property.  Many of these eventually dead trees will need to be removed at great expense to the City and private property owners.  Those familiar with the Dutch Elm disease of 30 years ago, noticeable in more southern parts of the state, know of the devastation and cost that an untreatable timber disease can cause.  It is, therefore, in everyone's best interest to prevent infestation for as long as possible.





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