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Arrowhead Regional Development Commission
Multi-disciplined planning and development organization with the mission to provide local units of government and citizens a service to work cooperatively in identifying needs, solving problems, and fostering local leadership.

Brenda Shafer-Pellinen,
Eldercare Development Partnership (EDP) Development Coordinator
phone: (218) 529 - 7520

Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging’s
Resource for older adults, family caregivers, and service providers.

address: 221 West First Street Duluth, MN 55802
phone: (218) 722 – 5545

A catalyst in building communities where older adults live with dignity, mutual respect, and shared responsibilities across generations and cultures. Committed to helping older adults maintain their highest level of independence while having access to supportive services and still have the choice to be active and stay in their own homes as long as possible.

Examples of Older Americans Act services funded by the AAAA:
Home delivered meals, senior dining, chore programs, assisted transportation services, and legal assistance. Caregiver support programs include counseling, respite, support groups, and evidence-based health promotion programs. Also supporting older adults and family caregivers through the following programs and interventions:

Minnesota Family Memory Care: Designed for the spousal caregiver of a person with Alzheimer’s disease. The caregiver works one to one with a trained caregiver consultant to diminish the negative impacts of caregiving and build support systems.

TCARE® Tailored Caregiver Assessment and Referral: Family caregiver assessment and referral process, offered by a trained professional who helps a caregiver through a needs assessment process and helps the caregiver make a care plan.

Live Well at Home:
7-question screening to help older adults learn if they have risk factors that may be threatening their ability to remain in their own home as they continue to age. Click for informational flyer

Senior Linkage Line®
A no-cost statewide information, assistance, and counseling service.                    

phone: 1-800-333-2433
M-F 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

A free service that connects older Minnesotans and their families with the help that they need, finding answers to questions, and working to understand individual situations along with connecting to services that support those necessities. Contact them for aid in arranging services for older adults such as preparing meals, laundry or housekeeping, counseling, and transportation. They can offer assistance with family caregivers, provide aid with safety concerns, a connection to prescription assistance programs, information about Medicare or other health insurance benefits, long-term options, and support for returning home after a nursing home stay.

Your Health. Your Community. Live well even with health challenges.

phone: 1-855-215-2174 (TTY 711)  

M-F 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Stay active to feel better, get connected, and be independent through Juniper. Assisting communities across Minnesota on creating a culture of positive health through a network of local leaders, community organizations, and health systems by delivering programs to help adults manage chronic health conditions and foster well-being. Class participants learn from leaders and from each other by helping get fit, manage health conditions, and prevent falls. These classes provide education, fitness, self -care strategy programs helping people across the state experience improved wellness and quality of life. Learn needed tools to take control of health conditions and manage in a way that works best for every individual.

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